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/spam/ ~ How to properly hate a shekeleer
File 151000574565.jpg - (29.12KB , 299x199 , steps.jpg )
873 No. 873
I'm tired of whiners complaining about excessive shekeleer hops. Here's a guide on what you should do once you fall upon this unforgivable sin.

1. Don't ask Mods to take action
It's impossible for us to know the right balance between user tolerance for ads and desire for downloads. Maybe you see the hops as excessive, but if the uploader wasn't making a shekel from other weaker-willed users he wouldn't have posted in the first place. We leave the balance to be determined by market forces and refuse to set arbitrary rules.

2. Express your concern
Give the shekeleer the finadvice. Tell him to please use less hops and how this makes it difficult for you to download. This creates pressure because the more complaints in a thread the less likely a new user will attempt to download from it.

3. Boycott
If he doesn't listen, punish him by ignoring his posts. Use the Hide Thread function which's only purpose in existence is to, you guessed right, hide threads you don't like. If enough people boycotted a thread it will cease to be profitable and the shekeleer will either mend his ways or be forced to find another career.

4A. Join!
If you can't beat 'em, shekel 'em. If shekeleers are still getting sheeple to click on links with 80 hops despite your activism it'd be a market signal that demand is greater than supply. Perhaps you should quit flipping burgers and shekel away at a merciful 79 hops. Serious shekeleers have been known to make $300-$600/month.

4B. ..or Migrate
Don't be a party pooper. If users are clicking away with only you complaining it means you're an outlier who should move on to enjoy other threads, or just hangout in /mir/ and rant in /spam/ with the elders.

5. Bookmark
If 180 goes down before 144 and 155 are back online follow our restoration updates on our emergency thread https://8ch.net/triforce

Thanks and please enjoy your stay!
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>> No. 875
remove the illegal content. You bring users in danger here.
>> No. 876
How about you report or email what you think is illegal content instead of vaguely whining?
>> No. 877
How about you take your responsibility. Users send you messages about illegal content and you are too lame to open the links and to remove them. Instead you ask for confirmations from other users who don't know what they are opening.

Don't play stupid games man.

The post in /jb with the premium links clearly states NUDE PICTURES Why is it still there?

You do not take your responsibility at all!
>> No. 878
Remove the auto posting here. Scan every link before you place them. Stop playing the retard. Stop pretending users are responsible for the content. You are the mod/owner. When you can not handle this responsibility remove your site.

When a user opens illegal content it is logged and is reason to send him to jail.

You can't be this retarded.
>> No. 879
File 151006846581.jpg - (2.54KB , 125x116 , myhat.jpg )
We get hundreds of posts daily (triple when all 3 chans are up) and there's no way in hell I can check every single image, much less the contents of every shekeled link. Do you think Zuck personally examines all your selfies or Sergei checks all your cat vids before they go live on YT? I check the reports and the email every day however despite most of them being fake.

Regarding unknown links with legal previews I can't delete them based on a single report as it's been confirmed there are SJW's falsely reporting legit links, nor will I jeopardize my personal safety and download them because that will leave a mark on my machine even if I delete. If you or any volunteer think it's okay to do that I don't see why not do it yourself and help confirm for us to remove.

Moreover we're only legally responsible for what we host not link to. If a storage site like zippy or dailyuploads is hosting cp with a link here they're the the ones responsible not us. I try to verify links in the manner you complain about as a matter of courtesy not legality. If you're an expert on Bulgarian laws post reference to the contrary.

If you spot something illegal please report it, plain and simple.
>> No. 880
File 151009288280.jpg - (14.10KB , 355x258 , 41KBcE67ElL__SX355_.jpg )
what is cp?

balanced hops?
20 hops and ex-load
10 hops and turbobit
1 hop and depositfiles
a daughter

report illegal...where?
>> No. 881
CP is sexually explicit. By convention it came to mean "provocatively nude". Report what you think is breaking Bulgarian laws. When we change host country I'll let you know.

Balanced hop is for you to decide. If you don't think it's balanced don't download from it.
>> No. 882
HEY MODS!!! Sry for yelling, but this is good. Why not grab an old desktop or laptop and install TOR? Then you could check any link you want in solid secure fashion. I use Tor exclusively for any on-topic content (all my collections are N.S.A. proof True-Crypt [as long as they don't torture the passwords out of me]) I'm the one who's always opening up all this stuff and checking/reporting to you when it's illegal. I love Cheese Pizza, but it should be kept 100% separate from NN modeling. Love your site, and I'll continue to try and help in some small way like this.
>> No. 884
>Why not grab an old desktop or laptop
Would you like my paypal to send $300 tonight?
>> No. 890
Why not use a virtual machine, or even a live os, to check sketchy links? A second computer would be convenient, but totally unnecessary.
>> No. 891
Chill out folks we don't have a cp crises here. When genuine cp is posted which already occurs very rarely we get a ton of reports and warning posts within minutes. Rare but possible cp posts is something you have to deal with even on fb, google, and yt. The only way for 0% chance of stumbling upon cp is really not downloading any stranger-contributed files and disabling images in your browser.
>> No. 894
>>15045 Sorry ,but reporting them (as dmca/intellectual property to copyright holder,Cp to LEA)is MUCH more fun.Who do you keeps reporting the files on /mir/?*hint* Look for profit motive.
>> No. 895
You can't report for DMCA unless you actually own it and can prove it to the site.
Ya' think they just take people at their word moron? So by fun you mean... wasting your time.
>> No. 896
The copyrightholder can prove it,and does.If I get one shekeleers account nuked,it's worth the 5 minutes it took.But keep believing the bullshit,it just makes you an easier target.if they'd stop reporting files on /mir/ I wouldn't GAF about hem.
>> No. 897
They didn't nuke anything. The crazy ex-mod calling himself Guyver was bragging daily about how he reported the links and how he'll destroy the chan. Stop the in-fighting and work together for God's sake, you've got more than enough hate from outsiders.
>> No. 898
Reporting the links weather legit or not does bring attention to the files. Once the host site sees it's pretty little girls in skimpy close they are going to nuke it. Pretty simple.

I would say to this Guyver dude. I have no idea what your beef is with these chans and I was around when you ran them. Whatever it is though you are hurting others here with your vindictive actions. Just move on man. Life's too short to go around angry looking for revenge.
btw you've got your revenge for whatever it is you feel you were wronged for. It's time to move on.
>> No. 899
Admin, how much you spend on your server with this board?
>> No. 900
More than what would've enabled me to cover my personal expenses from the small advertisement income.
>> No. 1856
File 153478992837.jpg - (4.15KB , 200x186 , myhat.jpg )
Another awesome post worthy of a WSJ editorial on why we're not "cracking down" on greedy shekeleers https://144chan.pk/cg/res/28921.html#29374
>> No. 2057
kittys forbidden here and on 144chan
>> No. 2083
How do I watch vids

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