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/spam/ ~ Not banned, but useless filehosts
File 150913638166.png - (10.08KB , 1185x51 , 2017-10-27 16_32_05-DoUploads - Upload Files &.png )
481 No. 481
How about a thread to share experiences on shitty filehosts?
I think it could help people make the right choice and not lose time and or money, and avoid pissing off other users...
I know that for some, all but Zippy is shit; that's not what I'm talking about.

Lemme start..
Offers up to 21$/1000 downloads for downloads from Canada, Netherlands and Germany... pretty weird since the most payful adresses are US and Uk on most filehosts... So I thought it was great to receive a good payout from those countries.
At first I received complaints about too many pupops and it's hard to download from it. I use adblock with filehosts so I didn't really cared. BUT
Once I requested payment, they decided to delete all my files, shared here and SC, and refused to lend the money. As a result, I lost +- 25$ value from them, and had to reup all that was on this site to another filehost.
My guess is they don't approve files shared on chans, or they are a total scam.
Do not use it!
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>> No. 482
From a leechers viewpoint I find Dailyuploads to be too erratic, sometimes I get speeds of 2Mbps, sometimes I get 40Kbps. I guess it must pay a lot for it to be continually used, but if it doesn't pay out on canceled downloads (I cancel if I get stupidly low speeds offered) then there may be some missed revenue opportunities .
>> No. 483
Dailyuploads is actually my primary filehost. The do not pay for incomplete downloads indeed. But, thy don't delete files unless they are reported, and offer a pretty good payout @ 15$/1000 downloads. As a shekel, their downside is that, unlike other hosts, they pay a limited time for each ip. Many pay 1X per day, bu DU offers to pay up to 16 times for high pay ips, and 1000 for others. That's great at the beginning, revenues are very high... But as people download, IPS stop paying.the payout ratio with them becomes smaller with time, but they are reliable! And much less a pain in the ass than many other hosters to download from imo. And they always when requested, in 2 to 10 days (ok... 2 days was phenomenal, usually 7-10 days)
>> No. 484
And a PS to my post >>482
I know it's not my connection causing the crazy speed variations. Just used 1Fichier to d/l and got the Inna set (35MB) down in less than a second!
>> No. 485
It's the inconsistency of Dailyuploads that is frustrating, never knowing if it is going to offer a decent speed or throttle worse than Turbobit. With somewhere like SolidFiles (for example) I know I will always get a steady 1Mbps.
>> No. 486
I understand. And this is why I split big files in smaller chunks... at least DU allows parallel downloads ;)
>> No. 497
"a pretty good payout @ 15$/1000 downloads"

Before anyone gets excited... this is the optimal payout for 1000 unique down-loaders from US or Britain; who are not using an ad blocker or no-script to shield the ads.
In reality you average about $1-3 per thousand these days; and it's been dropping steadily for the last few years as more people use security ad-ons. They are reliable though.
>> No. 498
Thanks for the correction... Indeed I forgot to state that... Actually in a very good day I reach that average of 2$/1000.... actually after a few months and a lack of new ip on DU I stand at +- 0.90/1000$
Shekeling doesn't pay that much ;)
>> No. 529
here are some suggestion of filehosts for people who'd like to start to shekel:
Those a confirmed to pay when requested:

Best choice:

2nd best:


Ok, but a bit more trouble for downloaders:


Enjoy shekeling!
>> No. 736
File 151032220634.jpg - (13.15KB , 475x120 , Сниqqqмок.jpg )
if the Сloudyfiles successfully pays you, I recommend that you try


this site belongs to the owner of Сloudyfiles

a year ago, when I posted NewStar files, in one month I received more than $700 from these two sites!

But Sergei forced them to ban almost all accounts of posters

then I tried it several times, but I also get a ban when I ask for a payment
>> No. 737
File 151032252437.jpg - (16.50KB , 307x125 , 1212.jpg )
dailyuploads changed the domain to .cc

probably sold, and the new owner fell asleep site with tons of ads and pop-ups, and rates were halved


now I have only 20 cents from 1000 downloads.
>> No. 740
NOTE to file hosts:

Suprafiles and Cloudyfiles WILL ban you if you only post at 180/144 and Shchan.

Uploadocean pays fewer and fewer users. There's report everywhere of members not geting paid.

Upload.to same as Uploadocean. Many users not geting paid.

Dailyuploads are okey with this kind of posting. Only delete content when reported. Major shaving though.

Remember that most file hosts actually does not permit -18 content. Always send a mail an ask before you start using a new hosts, send them a link and ask if this kind of content is acceptable.
>> No. 745
Someone checked this hosting?

>> No. 747
They will ban you.

And if possible, pls don't suggest hosts that requires you to disable ad-block. :)
>> No. 754

But they do not block access to downloading files, only slow down the speed
>> No. 764
File 151053505349.png - (47.94KB , 1135x864 , rockfile_co.png )

I get this when trying to DL files..
>> No. 789
File 151084756445.jpg - (16.30KB , 309x334 , диаграма .jpg )
It's no secret that many posters use image hosts to improve their earnings, but many consider it a waste of time.

Start using image hosts for additional previews! You do not need to clog the thread of hundreds of links, it's really a waste of time.
For myself, I decided to alternate image hosts, it saves half the time than uploading previews on each.
2-3 additional previews will be enough to increase earnings.

Now for me this is a big part of earnings, look at the diagram.
Red is image hosts (pays for views)
Blue is file hosts (pays for downloading)

The fact is that most people before downloading a file, see 1-2 previews at the link (I do not know why they do not like the attached image), but it happens very often.

Even if a person downloads the file, filehost may not count it ($ 0.0000 IP_MAX24_REACHED and other cases), but there is a high probability that he will see the preview and you have received a reward.

Here is the list of image hosts I use for over 1.5 years, they regularly pay and do not block such content.
I will be glad if you become my referral :)
I'll write a payout rate Per 1000 Unique Views - Tier 1

http://www.pixsense.net/site/index/862 - $ 12 / 1000
http://imgoutlet.co/reg277.html - $ 9
http://imgtown.net/reg717.html - $ 9
http://imgrock.co/reg3397.html - $ 8,5
http://imgmaze.com/reg1080.html - $ 7
http://imgclick.net/reg6198.html - $ 5,5
http://imgview.net/reg472.html - $ 6
http://imgdew.com/reg108.html - $ 7,5

Perhaps you say that there are a lot of ads and floating windows on the image hosts, but this is an additional preview, you are not forced to watch and click the links, it's only voluntary, for those who want to see more before downloading the file!

For 1.5 years of use, I received only one complaint for the ads on image hosts.

*I hope there are no problems with the translation.
Good luck!
>> No. 809
I was using img.yt as image host, you don't get any ads if you create a user and is logged in when clicking an url, but I don't think they like chans anymore, so I stopped using them.

Best host out there though. :)
>> No. 811
File 151095421290.jpg - (24.05KB , 526x357 , img_yt.jpg )
Yes, it was an excellent host, my top 1, but in June they banned several dozen accounts. If you post on chans - you post CP ...
But they easily accept traffic from vipergirls
>> No. 814
Well tbh can't really blame them. Seeing some of the content which get posted on 180 and ShChan, one can't blame img.yt for not want to be associated with that sort of content..

VG has actually quite stricr rules. If you just can see a small hint of nippel or areola under the t-shirt; set removed!

..more cash in posting images than DL-sets, though, for those who wants $$$.
>> No. 838
Here's an example why img.yt doesn't like chans:

Naomi is like..13 years? And topless/nude photos of her are being posted in "Sexy Women", which normally are a 18+ cat.
>> No. 839
13? She's clearly 18+
>> No. 840
File 151102668977.jpg - (46.07KB , 401x551 , ё1.jpg )
13 ? Really?
I think she is over 20+ years old
>> No. 841
For your info... Naomi was 12 when her second site came out....... I found some links to these sets and vids on some forum yesterday, and the post was made.... in 2011...
do your maths....
= 6 years.
She was 12, 6 years ago... so now she is???
>> No. 842
18? 2011?

From Naomis site, which was live in 2015, she's presented as a "9yo viatnemese preteen model". © 2015 Naomi
..or "she was really 15y old and posed as a 9y old", according to the logic above.

At Darknet she's posted under the "first hair" category. Her nudes doesn't exactly show the body or a 18 year old, but whatever.

In Duo3 they're 25 and 30 years btw. True story bro.
>> No. 1242
File 151594731575.png - (78.40KB , 1166x538 , 2018-01-14.png )
Anyone have an experience to share with those "new" filehosts? saw them appearing since a few days... and their payout rate looks like a scam....

uplod.cc 210$
premium.kim 50$

Those amounts/1000 downloads looks like they're too good to be true...
>> No. 1245
Rates are for 10,000 downloads, not 1,000.

Uplod.cc are decent, but will probably ban you if you only are posting chan-links (as they have done in the past).
>> No. 2158
File 154413793782.jpg - (75.00KB , 720x960 , 26168803_2042036272751698_6488296679852760029_n.jpg )
>> No. 2159
File 154413797878.jpg - (37.04KB , 960x960 , 23517705_2016337555321570_2014764704805213285_n.jpg )

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