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/spam/ ~ Always getting the latest version of a thread
File 150806549246.jpg - (2.50KB , 125x116 , myhat.jpg )
318 No. 318
Someone complained that they need to manually refresh the thread to get the latest posts. That's not a problem with the website. You fix that from your browser's cache settings to always look for a new version. I don't know about Chrome but in Firefox set browser.cache.check_doc_frequency to 1 instead of 3.

For reference, valid values for browser.cache.check_doc_frequency are:

0 – Check for a new version of a page once per session (a session starts when the first application window opens and ends when the last application window closes).

1 - Check for a new version every time a page is loaded.

2 – Never check for a new version – always load the page from cache.

3- Check for a new version when the page is out of date. (Default)
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>> No. 328
I am the guy that complained last week.

I am just telling you that there is a problem with your site.
Maybe it is WAI - but it in fact is not refreshing the view unless you manually refresh.

I use (3) browsers (Firefox (latest), Palemoon, Chrome (latest)) from 2 different locations.
I have issues no matter which setup I use - and this is after I experimented to troubleshoot the problem.
At first I thought it was only my own posts - which is primarily the issue, but it affects other posts as well.
I browsed the site last night - hit every one of my own posts - but this morning when I went to update my threads my posts from Monday were not showing up until I manually clicked refresh.

When I go to page 2, 3, 4 etc I have to click refresh to update the forum every time. I see the posts change right after refreshing.
Some threads are not even visible until I click refresh.

I'm not asking for advice. I am pretty internet savvuy and can cope. I don't mean to nag you about it, I'm just letting you know. Maybe it is just me, as unlikely as that is. I've been a poster for years and never run into this before.
>> No. 333
Ad overlays can cause this.
Just by clicking in empty area of site I get a redirect/popup.
>> No. 338
Or you can just disable caching dwoo templates
>> No. 344
No problems here, all working good. Maybe it doesn't matter how internet savvy you might be, if yoy got your settings wrong things won't work. Right now I guess Mod and Admin have got rather more vital things to attend to, as in trying to keep the boards up in the face of a paranoid OCD power-tripping ex-mod who seems hell-bent on denying the rest of us a forum for our hobby. If things aren't working well I suggest you blame He Who Shall Not Be Named.
>> No. 345
File 15083604867.jpg - (2.51KB , 125x116 , myhat.jpg )
It doesn't hurt to do a quick fix to improve the chan. My brain is about to melt from all the reading and sleep deprivation and I need a distraction anyway. How do I disable caching? Our dwoo/cache/ is completely empty but there's a dwoo/templates_c folder that's filled with templates.

We're still asking any tech gurus to volunteer their knowledge whether on the stickied thread or email. Help us clone/image the server on to a new host and we can restore 180 immediately and maybe one of the 2 other chans if switching the domain using the same databases wasn't too tricky.
>> No. 368
Should be fixed now.
>> No. 442
File 150872761353.jpg - (2.51KB , 125x116 , myhat.jpg )
Someone please confirm that the refresh bug is fixed. Make sure you adjust your browser's cache settings first though.
>> No. 487
My first post on this subject. I'm happy to enjoy the site & wait months for a resolution.
I just assume it will be sorted eventually.
Yes I can be on page 4 & see page 2 stuff again.
So change my settings. OK
My serious question is, why is this the only site (old one was the same) where I need to adjust Browser (Firefox for me) settings to get current page?
Maybe just keep an open mind that, given time, a tweak at site end will sort it.
>> No. 489
File 150917228327.jpg - (2.52KB , 125x116 , myhat.jpg )
The problem is solved with default browser settings for the board pages however it persists for individual threads. For some reason threads doesn't signal to the browser that the page is out of date in order to invoke an automatic refresh. Any help on how to fix that would be appreciated.
>> No. 496
File 150922092315.jpg - (2.52KB , 125x116 , myhat.jpg )
According to our tests the issue was only replicated when using a Tor browser perhaps due to Tor node caching or any other reason. Although we don't ban Tor nodes we don't officially endorse it and have previously warned that also posting from it jeopardizes your posts in case a spammer uses the same IP.

In case the browser of any non tor users does not automatically show new posts within about a minute of their approval please report here.
>> No. 1867
Thanks that helped me solve the old threads issue.
>> No. 1871
Your cache problem will be fixed when you stop using nginx, as cache system.

When you install vestacp, do not install nginx, just apache, and cache problem will be fixed forever

Fri, 31 Aug 2018 12:49:09 GMT
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