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/spam/ ~ Chan suggestion
File 150370948992.jpg - (229.17KB , 768x1024 , DSC00108.jpg )
227 No. 227
Are there any other chans you guys know where to get sets & vids, other than shareshit?
Triforce is great but it's cool to have more sources
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>> No. 229
I'm the mod here and I'd like to know myself!
>> No. 231
It's harder than ever.... Most forums only allow shitty filehost like turbobit, depfile, salefiles etc...)

shareshit is ok.... trolls are censored (that's a +), but threads tend to go down fast... you have to scroll till page 5 or 6 to see new posts....

Triforce has his share of trolls, but it's great... I only wish they upped the image size limit (kind of boring when you have to downsize every preview pic because they are bigger than 1 or 2 Mb)... Since Mod id following this thread, you can take that as a constructive request ;) More pages would be great too; to improve thread survival ;)

ichan used to be my first stop... Now it's Mountfile paradise... threads with great filehosts are taken down then reappear with links to Mountfile... if you don't know it, Mountfile takes 7h to download a 500Mb file, has a long waiting time between downloads, and don't allow parallel downloads.... big Pay per sale scam...

Anon-ib.... shitty as can be.... only 18+ models(well that's not that bad) but filled with trolls and people only uploading 2-3 images by reply, and insist on using mega to share files (while there don't seem to be any filehost officially). Someone got his shares reported as spam because he replied to a request sharing with another filehost...

Good luck on finding more :)
>> No. 232
Our max file size is 1MB. You guys think is too small? I personally hate agencies with 2-3 MB images as it's a waste of space and bandwidth with no added quality unless you plan to view images on a cinema screen or something.

And with page count our last post on 155, which has more posts than 180 and 144, is more than 2 weeks ago. The site doesn't benefit with longer retention because that wouldn't punish users who visit us only say once per month. Plus how many users scroll past 4-5 pages tbh?

That said I'm very democratic and would change any of the above or other suggestions you guys have if presented with a good argument.
>> No. 233
I also hate that some sets I have contain pictures sized 6Mb/pic.... way too big... but I won't start downsizing every of my pic to share them, and downsizing only 1 pic per set becomes a step too much.... so I don't share those here
>> No. 234
A quick n' dirty solution would be to screenshoot your screen. Allowing 6MB photos would create logistic problems with hosting and backups only for a marginal increase in participation. However you have a good point and I have just increased the maximum to 2MB.
>> No. 235
call me stupid I never tought about about the screenshot option... That's why you're a mod and I'm a dirty shekeler ;)

Thanks for raising the bar to 2Mb on your side :)
>> No. 236
OMG you're a shekel collector? Can you share with us how much $ one can realistically make from that career putting 2-3 hours every day?
>> No. 237
File 150378177757.png - (4.70KB , 441x99 , 2017-08-26 17_08_50-Daily Uploads - Easy way to sh.png )
if you really need to know....
no is a pretty slow period
>> No. 240
File 150378210225.png - (106.24KB , 1057x252 , 2017-08-26 17_10_04-Daily Uploads - Easy way to sh.png )
not a full time job, but paid in us (add 25%)... I'm a full time student with an old crappy car... so this is money for a new car (new USED car...)
>> No. 241
Since the filehoster pays a limited number of time for new IPs, some people are successful earning more by storing on 3-4 different filehosts and use paid redirector.
For myself I hate redirectors, and uploading to many filehosters require more time and "management"... but doing so could mean >600 U$D/month
>> No. 242
It's still way better than begging your step dad IMO.

So I'm thinking if I spend a lot of time on the Triforce why not make an extra shekel? Do you have any tips for the best hosts? Payment processors? Image hosts if you use any? etc. Also how many hours do you invest?
>> No. 243
The thing is you will have to share on more than just triforce. I realized that the number of downloads here is lower than most.

If you want to share on major traffic forums, turbobit is probably your best bet.

Many people also seem to appreciate FistFast, but I didn't try it.

I use only dailyuploads, which offer a good payout on downloads, have a good file retention for premium users(90 days vs 30 days regular), initial storage 254Gb, referral system, and pays in 10 days by paypal/skrill/webmoney. Also it allows parallel downloads and no daily limits like most hosts. direct download is also possible for premium. Small tip... you can pay your 10$/month premium membership from your revenues...

About imagehosts, I wish someone could point to one that really pays.... I tried img.yt: got banned. (sharing the same thing I share here....) Imagetwist rejected payment for "violation of TOS" ... So if anyone is succesfully paid by his imagehoster please tell me which one to use ;)
for the moment I just don't post on forums anymore (imagehoster ir required to post on forums); and that implies great lost of revenue since Vipergirls and Pornsavant provided a lot of traffic.

if you want to try DU, be my guest: https://dailyuploads.net/free72560.html
And let me know about your experience ;)
>> No. 244
>Also how many hours do you invest?

depends on your upload speed... and how many places you share you links too.... I spend an average of 2h/day, without counting the upload time (I upload at 10 Mb/s, pretty slow when you try to up 5Gb of vids...)
I sometimes spend more time when I see a request that maybe I can fulfill and only need to find the files... Be prepared to spend pretty much time atb, than a bit less since the retention time on chans will help keep your files being downloaded. # months later I still upload some, but most of my profit comes from files already shared, and threads bumped by thanks and dramas
>> No. 245
That's very valuable information. So why did you say Turboshit was the best forum option? And are you aware of any good imageboards other than here and shareshit?
>> No. 246
Because most high traffic forums like forumphilia or pornsavant have strict rules about allowed filehosters, and turbobit is allowed on pretty much all of them. I got banned from pornsavant(+-1300 average visitors) for not using allowed filehosts like turbobit or Depfile (worst of all!!!)
ATM most of the time I spend is trying to find new places to share my files... Yeah... I was a bit hypocritical on my original question ;)
>> No. 248
adult and teen modeling. Only what is allowed in the rules, but banned for not allowed filehost
>> No. 250
lol I know I was trying to make a joke but the <s> command failed me. Well thank you VERY much for this info. Once we're done with some heavy work to make the Triforce not suck again I'll look into my future as a professional shekeleer!
>> No. 266
Wow... this thread is a shekelers paradise. I weep for this hobby.
>> No. 316
File 150780691886.jpg - (35.92KB , 318x199 , disappointed.jpg )
No longer accepting new members

No downloadble sets to

Spam hell with all the ads and DONATE DONATE BE A PREMIUM MEMBER shit. My Processor melts when I visit them.

You said it yourself too many rules.
>> No. 317
How about fixing these boards so you don't have to MANUALLY click refresh every time you load a page...

>> No. 354
I think they lost it when they reincarnated Barbara after it died of cancer.
Orion's claims to be an Inuit seemed a bit hollow.
>> No. 355
>> No. 356
>> No. 357
>> No. 358
>> No. 359
>> No. 360
>> No. 361
>> No. 362
>> No. 363
>> No. 364
>> No. 365
>> No. 367
>> No. 423
>> No. 433
I can understand spamming links but why spam dead links?
>> No. 500
keep 'm good links coming guys...
>> No. 503
>> No. 612
For anyone who visits 8chan here, can they confirm if its a safe place to get legal shit or should I avoid that shit like the plague? Also whats the best board?

>> No. 719
8chan hasn't been topic-friendly since the summer of 2016, there was a change of control over there and all the boards got purged plus loads of indefinite IP bans handed out. It was quite a shitstorm at the time and led to the short-lived formation of Librechan.

I really don't know if any on-topic boards survive there, a few attempts were made to re-start but the Global moderators patrol around plus there's a swarm of white knights who watch for new boards being created and report anything remotely child-modeling related.
>> No. 720
>>719 is right. I even wanted to buy an ad there but their rules forbid child modeling sites https://8ch.net/ads.html. They suddenly flipped from the bastion of free speech to a Nazi bunker.

If anyone would like to help you can make people there aware of our chans on relevant boards such as /younglove/ etc
>> No. 728
"vipergirls - No downloadble sets to"

What do you mean by that? There's tons of downloadable sets at vipergirls, you just gotta use an imagegrabber or vipergirls own download tool. :) And it's much faster than downloading from filehosts.
>> No. 729
Man that's unfortunate, I think I only visited that site once before all that shit happened. Unfortunate, it had good shit there, just too many CP retards.

Also to the Mod, if I visit the site (a bit spooked from the last time - far too much CP shit), I'll give them a heads up.
>> No. 731

/lg/ board.

There's also an onion link to it.
>> No. 742

>> No. 746
https://preteengirls.biz Twitter style federated social network.

About page says keep pics legal based on Japanese law.
Trashmail, Tor/VPN, yadda yadda.
>> No. 815
> >forum.onlyhot.net
> You said it yourself too many rules.
I think they are still one of the best forums around.
Yes they have strict rules, but they seem reasonable and you also get quality. Mirrorcreator and people that reupload stuff on request and threads that are clean without clutter of dozens of reposts. Compare that to AMF or vipergirls where you have partial rips and the same set several times maybe even with pics missing.

Btw, lots of sets being shared on the chans seem to come from there, because you see the chan sets missing pictures that they already filled on OH.

The annoying part is them having their activity threshold, which I think was a bit overdone, but ok grab some MET sets from viper and post them, then you have access to the forum.

Chans have a more open platform though, so I frequent both.
>> No. 1232
>I personally hate agencies with 2-3 MB images as it's a waste of space and bandwidth with no added quality unless you plan to view images on a cinema screen or something.

A more reasonable use-case for high- quality images is for users to be able to zoom in. I personally love to zoom in to the favorite parts of an image and still have reasonable quality on my 3x30" Monitor Setup.
>> No. 1234
<<815 These guys are freakin Nazi's. They'll frequently put up announcements like...
> telling people if they don't start sharing they be banned.
> if you're a lurker, you're not welcome.
> if your account isn't active you'll be banned.

I remember saying it was BS to ban ppl for stuff like that.... Then I got banned. Just keep your head down, give a few thumps up, post a few comments and you'll be ok... don't question the Reich and you'll be ok.
>> No. 1236
File 151571504614.jpg - (355.75KB , 1809x1320 , 151294476689.jpg )
You are crazy if you sign up at any forum like that. Why would you want them to have access to your email even if it's a throwaway.
Absolutely never sign up at a forum that caters to half naked prepubescent girls. NEVER!
Unless you want that knock at your door in the middle of the night that is.
>> No. 1373
File 151848779822.jpg - (275.42KB , 1200x1812 , 31663891_silverangels-ichimaru-blackstockings-1-16.jpg )
LINK REMOVED FOR NOT LINKING BACK TO US. TO ADVERTISE HERE PLEASE PLACE OUR MICRO TAGS ON YOUR PAGE is A good place to find sets that are hard to find but be prepared for spam ads but I have found some sets such as in the picture I posted.
>> No. 1374
I got banned from that place when I said it's not ok to have an adult porn and little girls in the same site lol.

Then I made another account and said I reported their WALS/TPI index to TPI and they removed the whole page lol, banned me and made the rule there can only be one account per person.

I hope that wasn't a thing that triggered TPI admin and now he's on rampage everywhere.
>> No. 1430
New collection


We'll leave your link here. But stop spamming.
>> No. 1446
New lolita collection 2017 + new 2018 6-14 age

Children and dad 6-14 age, real rape

Children and mom sex video 6-12 age

Download new children porn

>> No. 1576
Thank you sir Shekeler. Always curious about it. I never collected mine from years ago. Do you think they saved it for me? I live fine on the aluminum cans I collect.

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