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If you want to share for free with the community please don't post affiliate "shekeleer" links in the free sharing sections /mir/ or /hebe/. We have developed a list of approved free and anti-censorship hosts here. The first batch (currently 12 sites) are preferred because they got an excellent record in not deleting files but you can use any site on the list as even the "blacklisted" ones are unlikely to delete your file except for Zippyshare. So upload your file to any of them and you'll get a link. Share the link with a preview image in /mir/ (or /hebe/ if you're not starting a new thread). It's that simple.

If your file is about a new topic like a girl or studio which has never been posted before, or has been posted in a thread that's been locked due to dead links, start a new thread for it. Otherwise if she has an active thread in our megathread directory please add your post to the relevant thread so we keep the board tidy. You can also click "View catalog" for a summarized preview of all topics in any given sub.

If you have a big or rare collection and want to start sharing for profit "shekeleering" which can be a very rewarding if tedious career (full time posters making up to $600 a month) we have several community threads here & here to get you started.

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