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/mir/ ~ Good & bad free file hosts
File 151086191320.jpg - (5.95KB , 266x200 , goodbad.jpg )
3049 No. 3049
Since people seem to be pathologically lazy facing challenges in manually backing up direct mirror links we have no choice but dedicate a thread for file hosts research. Feel free to upload to new services and I'll include them here. Candidates must have https and must NOT have a partner/shekeleer program. Note that encrypting files with a password was not found to prolong their life because the password gets reported along.

Good: No unjustifiably lost files reported so far
Myfile - Apparently same owner(s) as anonfile.com & anonfiles.co & megaupload.nz, change old URLs to myfile.is
Uploadee - Maximum size 100mb
VolaFile P - files expire after 48 hours
MultiFileMirror Honorable mention from the mirrors thread which got archived in /spam/

Bad: (Many have improved so you can use if you want)
anonfiles.cc - Refuses .7z but reportedly ok with zip & rar. Seems to go down frequently
upload.run - Two reports got errors after file should've been ready
openload.co - Deleted a WW file. Blacklisted
datafilehost.com - caught deleting a file. Blacklisted.
dbr.ee - caught on 155's /mir/ deleting a legal file. Blacklisted.
solidfiles.com - caught deleting a file. Blacklisted.
sendspace.com - caught deleting a file. Blacklisted.
mirrorace.com (also owns downace.com) deleted 2 completely legal files, blacklisted
dropjiffy.com - deleted a lot of legal files
2shared.com - apparently needs a registered account to upload
mega.nz - controlled by NZ gov according to Kim dotCom
zippyshare.com - no https & immediately deletes legal files on a single complaint
mirrorcreator.com - took down a shitton of 200% legal sets and vids effectively forcing us to rebuild /mir/ from scratch - no https & not always online
filerio.in - broken https
dl.free.fr - no https
upfile.mobi et al - no https
yfup.gq - no https
bitshare.com - apparently not avaialbe for uploading anymore
upfile.mobi et al - no https and deleted files
FileTea P - for sharing directly from your browser to your peers via a link, doesn't actually store files

Update: I decided to remove the easy/hard tags because they're confusing and useless. If a service deletes our files we're gonna blacklist it anyway. However here's a quick summary for those interested.
https://filedropper.com E, https://myfile.org E P, https://dbr.ee H, https://dropjiffy.com H, 1fichier.com H ?, tusfiles.net H, openload.co H, filerio.in H, Bigfile.to E, uploadfiles.io H, files.fm H
*Tags Legend:
H & E = makes it HARD or EASY for trolls to send complaints against legal files
P = solid PRIVACY policy
F & S = FAST or SLOW to use & download from (will implement later based on user feedback)

Note: The only 100% sure method of ensuring your file stays up is uploadig it to a mirror site and either saving the direct links on your computer or dumping them along with your post. Since dumping them directly is against mirror sites TOS and causes them to lose revenue you should only do it with the censorship Nazi bastards https://mirrorcreator.com who took down a shitton of 200% legal sets and vids effectively forcing us to rebuild /mir/ from scratch.

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>> No. 3051
>> No. 3052
First two have no https, openload added to the untested list.
>> No. 3311
https://mega.co.nz - mega.nz

Mega, bad now own by NZ Government
>> No. 3317
Confirmed & removed.
>> No. 3421
File 151109749592.jpg - (2.58KB , 125x116 , myhat.jpg )
We learned the hard way not to put all the eggs in one basket. If you guys don't wanna backup or leak direct mirror links you should at least upload every time to a different site on the "Untested" list to help us discern which ones are tolerant. The more you concentrate on one only the more likely it will eventually crack down like zippy and mirrorcreator.

The project's end goal is to identify 10+ good hosts which uploaders rotate between so none of them would be a SJW report target, and even if it happens we won't lose it all. As it stands now we've got nearly everything on 3 services only.
>> No. 3492
File 151116486348.jpg - (71.39KB , 660x346 , Fotolia_60986031_60986031_60986031_60986031_609860.jpg )
About all hostings featured in the lists below plus one more:

Filedrooper - Contains many "bugs" (site is featured with different interfaces any visit).

Myfile.org - Uses a service similar to "Obscuredfiles". This means that the service can be shutdown at any time.

Dbree - Good but with some errors if you upload bigger files to her server.

Solidfiles - The files are checked by the own support team. Good through mirror services only.

Dropjiffy - 1 month retention for any file. Independent of complaints they will be deleted faster.

1Fichier - Requires dairy downloads of multiples IPs for a long duration of files.

Tusfiles - Starting one complaint they will blacklist the site and any upload to te same will be deleted automatically.

2Shared - Open for backups only.

Openload - Unstable, with many popups and the server contains errors. Offline at any time.

Downace - Regular/good service.

Bigfile - "Greatest Shit Ever". Never use him if you don't want be called "asshole". One spam popup per click, 50kbps download speed, can't resume downloads the availability of downloads depend of "free slots".

Bitshare - Closed. Featured currently in archive only.

FileRio - ?

Sendspace - Slow download speed.

Filetea - Nothing to say about the hosting. But I never trusted in Let's Encrypt SSL.

Uploadee - ?

Uploadrun - Contains popups and the SSL is not trusted even being https. Upload limit is 1GB.

Ge.tt - Good only if used for direct uploads. File size limit is 400MB.

Uppit - "Pure spam"... And the download speed is slow.

Click'n Upload - From the same company of "Ziifiles" (closed for high retention of child porn). Under investigation or at least being moderated with "Fileflares" and all other hosting services of same owner by law enforcement agencies. Not much recomended. Read the text below.

I will check other hostings and post a new list soon.
>> No. 3497
>Filedrooper - Contains many "bugs" (site is featured with different interfaces any visit).
That means your browser is broken.

>Myfile.org - Uses a service similar to "Obscuredfiles". This means that the service can be shutdown at any time.
What the hell does that even mean?

>Dbree - Good but with some errors if you upload bigger files to her server.
"Some" errors? Like everything goes smoothly and you get a dl link but along with some yellow and red whistles?

>Solidfiles - The files are checked by the own support team. Good through mirror services only.
Because as we all know uploading thru a mirror makes it impossible for the supposed support team to check the files.

>Dropjiffy - 1 month retention for any file. Independent of complaints they will be deleted faster.

>1Fichier - Requires dairy downloads of multiples IPs for a long duration of files.
I don't know know why do I have to waste my time correcting all your lies but off their homepage "Files are removed after 15 days without downloads."

>Tusfiles - Starting one complaint they will blacklist the site and any upload to te same will be deleted automatically.
Have you ever heard of the word "proof" in your life? Unfortunately you need one of those along with your claims. And what the heck is blacklisting "the site" anyway? What site?

>2Shared - Open for backups only.

>Openload - Unstable, with many popups and the server contains errors. Offline at any time.
What the hell is it with your "errors"? What do you mean errors? Explain those errors. Post screenshots for those errors.

>Downace - Regular/good service.
I'm beginning to guess who you are...

>Bigfile - "Greatest Shit Ever". Never use him if you don't want be called "asshole". One spam popup per click, 50kbps download speed, can't resume downloads the availability of downloads depend of "free slots".
Only sensible recommendation so far if true. Need confirmation because you're a proven bullshitter.

>Bitshare - Closed. Featured currently in archive only.
Confirmed and removed.

>FileRio - ?

>Sendspace - Slow download speed.
Need confirmation.

>Filetea - Nothing to say about the hosting. But I never trusted in Let's Encrypt SSL.
Yeah we all know you should trust Verisign.

>Uploadee - ?
If you have nothing to say why do you write it in the first place? Are you disappointed it didn't show your broken browser any "errors"?

>Uploadrun - Contains popups and the SSL is not trusted even being https.
If we exclude any site with limited popups we might as well exclude 180chan.

>Upload limit is 1GB.
And that's bad right? What's the biggest file you've ever shared in your life Mr whiner?

>Ge.tt - Good only if used for direct uploads. File size limit is 400MB.
WTF are direct uploads? Did you think I was gonna upload to my stepmom first and ask her to reup herself or something?

>Uppit - "Pure spam"... And the download speed is slow.
Uppit isn't even on the recommended list because it has a shekel program you time waster.

We commented like 2 billion times on this type of news. It's only applicable if you're dealing with cp. Your best protection is not to upload anything illegal in the first place.

>I will check other hostings and post a new list soon.
Can't wait for more valuable information from you /s.
>> No. 3504
I only said what I know abou some filehostings. If you don't agree, at least be educated enough for a reply without a lot of offensive words. Anyway who are you that don't know what's "direct upload" (using the own hosting instead a mirrorlink service) for call some reply "bullshit"? Forum and a few users really good. But the moderator (using different names for be "funny) is an "arrogant dumb" as I could see. And don't ask more for users testing filehostings services if you don't like what We say. Do it yourself loser.
>> No. 3505
File 151119234272.jpg - (30.63KB , 1024x1024 , challenge-accepted.jpg )
>Do it yourself loser.
>> No. 3508
File 151119605663.jpg - (24.71KB , 304x306 , results.jpg )
So I uploaded a very legal set to 10 hosts and my plan was to report it "for cp" to see which ones don't bother to check. Turned out most hosts make life very difficult for trolls to report in the first place. Some of them didn't have a form so one has to send from his email which SJWs usually wouldn't bother with especially that it's an admission of "guilt", and many even required your postal address and phone number! I ended up not sending a single report.

It makes sense for them to make reporting difficult. Their whole business model and existence depends on keeping files for as long as possible, so any overly white knights would be eliminated from the file sharing market.

I updated the results in the first post with tags "hard to troll" or "easy to troll". Feel free to suggest any corrections I may have missed.

As a general rule you're still advised to not put all the eggs in one basket. Decentralization and diversification is key if you don't wanna wake up one day to find everything wiped as with zippy and MC.
>> No. 3511
If you are really a mod, you're a jackass.
I find the OP (3497)info more helpful than yours.

If you are not a mod, then the true mod should clarify this.
>> No. 3513
File 151120284053.jpg - (19.48KB , 236x330 , beloved leader.jpg )
I found mod's info to be much more useful. If you don't support him you're either an anti or an idiot.
>> No. 3642
File 151138831537.png - (51.71KB , 823x612 , 2Shared-scrot.png )
2Shared appears to require a mandatory account, I went there and the "Browse" and "Upload" buttons were greyed out, so I clicked on their tutorial page and found the attached (my highlighting).

Obviously it's up to individual Anons if they want to go down the route of registering, it just doesn't appeal to me.
>> No. 3689
File 151146764243.png - (47.65KB , 724x313 , Anonfiles-scrot.png )
Just tested Anonfiles.cc, posting a .7z file generated the attached, looks like they will accept a plain .zip. Re-tested with a .rar and it was very fast, both up and down. Runs a captcha for D/Ls but not a G00glebot one.
>> No. 3691
Noted but please share at least one file so I can add it to the "Good" list and be able to blacklist it if they take the file down.
>> No. 3727
I found it wasn't fair for special services to include them under Bad so I created a new Circumstantial section in op post with currently 3 sites.

We still have 2 untested entries please experiment with them.
>> No. 3934
Both Filedropper and 1Fichier are currently broken for uploading in Firefox 57.
Filedropper - even with temporarily exempting their expired certificate, clicking their "upload" button just reopens the file browsing dialog window.
1Fichier - uploading completes to 100% but the link doesn't generate, instead a Firefox "Secure Connection Failed" warning appears, with the advice to contact the site owner, advice which I declined.
Sendspace - worked OK, there's a note on their page about them being in the course of migrating servers so free users are limited to 300MB, also d/l speeds will be restricted.
>> No. 3940
File 151172351893.jpg - (33.72KB , 640x400 , thanks.jpg )
Thanks everyone who contributed to testing the hosts. Our untested list is now empty and we have a list of 12 tried & strong services. Feel free now to comment on secondary features like speeds and parallel downloads although I still strongly recommend you always pick a random site from the 12 for your shares. The trick is avoiding concentrating all files under 2-3 hosts which would both increase our risk and increase SJW pressure on that host to crackdown. Also feel free to upload to new services and I'll include them as long as they have https and no affilitate/shekeleer program.
Damn guys we did it in only 10 days I'm so proud!

And that's for HWSNBN and whomever thought reporting the links would break us.
……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
……….”…\………. _.·´
>> No. 5021
File 151340342344.jpg - (2.59KB , 125x116 , myhat.jpg )
Please don't use money-making image hosts in /mir/. The following image hosts are approved but feel free to use any others which have https and no affiliate program.

>> No. 5105
Dailyuploads used to so easy. Java off,unclick ADDONS box,wait 4 seconds and we're off. Last 24 hours, the ADDONS box has shifted from center to right side of page. When I unclick addons box it reloads with the checkmark in the box and I'm completely unable to d/l. Do I have malware issues? Anyone else encounter these problems with that host? Its weird. TIA for any input.
>> No. 5116
you have to enable javascript on DU now, they added a captcha.
>> No. 5169


>> No. 5207
You can enable as many scripts as you want but you cannot download
>> No. 5317
I really miss this feature... It allows me to copy and paste the Name or title of the file or picture instead of some random numbers. It also enables me to save multiple links to a file for when the boards are down.
Please return this feature, thank you very much
>> No. 5318
Did you try Dollchan? https://180chan.info/spam/res/1144.html Otherwise any help to implement it would be appreciated.
>> No. 5336
WTF happened to Dailyuploads?? I used to go there, no java,wait 4 secs,and easy as pie d/l files fairly quickly without any drama. Now, even with java enabled, nothing can be downloaded. Anybody know what the hell happened to this once very reliable site? TIA for any intel.
>> No. 5467
I've worked out what's happened to Dailyuploads. They've added the requirement to 'prove' you're a human and not a robot etc., etc,. This means you must enable the gstatic script to get that to display and work. Unfortunately not all browsers display the script in question in 'noscript', making it impossible to use Dailyuploads through Tor anymore.

That may be O.K. in more enlightened parts of the World like Russia where they have a more sensible and liberal attitude to downloading on topic material, but in the English speaking world it can be fatal leading to very regrettable consequences since almost everything on this board would be considered illegal. In the UK for example, respectable members of society have been prosecuted in the criminal courts, and had their life ruined, for downloading very tame sample images of Newstar girls working out on excercise bikes etc. as these were found by the jury to be 'inappropriate images of children' and therefor illegal.

You may wish therefor to abandon using any host that does not work through Tor.
>> No. 5470
>not using Tor properly
>never used a text-based browser

The Tor Project are gonna have to find another browser to build their bundle from. Mozilla have completely fucked Firefox. It can be fudged atm while the ESR is still FF52, once the ESR migrates next summer... kablooey!!
>> No. 5525

looks like a good host


>> No. 5563

Someone already uploaded a file using load.to in the magazine fashion thread https://144chan.ws/mir/res/347.html


>> No. 5667
Please bear in mind, these hosts can have good & bad days, as you know from experience.
They also change their 'parameters' without warning.
So if it's down the crapper one day, it might be great a few days later & vicsa versa.
& google be damned forever, use alternate search engines.
>> No. 5703
For the tech savy - how to post anonymously to a fileshare server. My rig is TOR running FF+VPN. Does the VPN hide you past the IP it's connected to and are downloads traceable beyond that IP. eg VPN connected to Seattle % downloading via Zippy to New York? Whats the best free file sharing server? Thanks. Many questions but it's a start.

That's another reminder that all these precautions may be unnecessary. We were just re-allowed UK access by the IWF, meaning our site is considered totally legal even by the prudish Tories standards.

>> No. 7139
one doubt - why I can not publish from another computer
>> No. 7798
Can we please do something about dl.free. i cant get it to work for me. Ive asked how to use it and tried everything i was told and still nothing. I literally cant access 90% of mir across the 3 chans because of this stinking stupid filehost.


>> No. 7888
Work fine with TOR browser.Click on télécharger.
>> No. 7901
Sorry mr Mod. Try again..... im not using tor or vpn and i have cookies and java enabled and it still doesnt fucking work. What part of " ive tried everything" was so god damn hard to understand the first time i said it????


>> No. 7958
Please help me. I am very sorry. I spent last three hours looking for original thread with post to http://dl.free.fr/getfile.pl?file=/hWfya1bD to lookup the post, but now can't find it in triforce. Any help appreciated.
>> No. 8004
You didnt say a think about my browser. You just told me to stop being a torfag which i am not, but lets just agree to disagree and be done with it b/c ive got better things to do than argue over the web about who has bigger balls.i just thought since you were a mod and all, that maybe you would be willing to do something about the fact that alot of op's are choosing to use a blacklisted host. My bad


>> No. 8245
Still great : https://www.multifilemirror.com/
>> No. 9180
>> 7798 This is old now and you're probably no longer reading this but for any future readers the answer is clear enable cookie exception for the site and /&fix=1 to the end of url.
>> No. 10047
I just want to say that I love the mods on this site. Besides being an amazing site in its basic purpose, I love that mods take the piss out of people rather than obsessively banning everyone. Thank you guys so much for running such a great site.


>> No. 10270
hole lee sshit I Love you man!
>> No. 11184
I have had good luck with dailyuploads but for some reason the download links stop working after the first 3-4.
>> No. 11483
So I can't acc 155 now. Anyone else having problems?
>> No. 12075
File 152337591739.jpg - (9.14KB , 417x380 , shredder.jpg )
144chan is back at its original URL https://144chan.ws

Triforce veterans know that having one or even two chans offline is the norm, not the exception. I didn't like how some newfags kept whining about 144 and weren't even following on the updates at 155's sticky or on /spam/. This is not the first nor will be the last time a chan goes offline despite of the Triforce admins gaining more experience at how to maximize chan survival and minimize downtimes.

As a result we expect the next downtime to take less than a week. Emphasis on there being be a next downtime however, whether that occurs tomorrow or in a month. Rebels have always been persecuted by the empire, and until other netizens grow some balls and start similar projects (or our Jewish overlords get convinced we could be useful to their agenda and give us some space) we will always be targeted and get hit the hardest.
>> No. 12586
down again! :(
>> No. 12638
Were definitely right about it going down again.

It feels so good to be prosecuted.
>> No. 12642
>>12638 bro
Persecuted is what nazis do to jews romanis mentally ill communists etc
Prosecuted is what your legal system does to you to persecute you.
>> No. 14124
Mods you need to keep this list updated.
Good links should include dl.free.fr and I have to admit zippy is not that bad although it does not support reconnections if it fails as free.fr does.
Bad should include mirrorace and openload due to the captcha and multiple redirects to TOR users.

It's evident that few actual see this list so I propose placing it on both 180 and 155's banners and again on 144 if and when it comes back on line.
>> No. 14319
Nothing wrong with mirrorace, but I agree that openload is garbage:- makes my AV go mental.
>> No. 14805
File 152579201392.jpg - (4.06KB , 200x186 , myhat.jpg )
New 144 is https://144chan.id
>> No. 16774
File 152907927178.jpg - (4.11KB , 200x186 , myhat.jpg )
https://155chan.to is the new 155chan
>> No. 17206
How do you get 144 and 155. Don't work

READ THIS https://180chan.al/spam/res/1504.html

>> No. 17389
WTF? 144 down again, or is it just me?



>> No. 17395
144 is down again :( I was following some AMAZING threads on there !!
>> No. 17397
>>17389 Just go with .gov ,they'd never expect it.


>> No. 17407
File 153025317435.jpg - (4.12KB , 200x186 , myhat.jpg )
Fear not my niggas we averted yesterday's tsunami and hopped into https://144chan.tw and https://155chan.my with minimal casualties.
>> No. 17430
You are going thru the alphabet at an alarming rate - what happens when there are no more .xyz s left?


>> No. 17646
Unfortunately files.fm should be added to the bad list.
Fast upload, but seems to ratio downloads to first 200 or so downloads, unfortunately generating a few unhappy punters
>> No. 18594
Could we please add zipansion to the shit list?


>> No. 18602
>>18594 How about browser lock-ups And endless javascript loops?



>> No. 18955
I've been lorking the Triforce for a while, an all i want to know is if its safe to dl from this site. Like, isn't LEA going to find out who i am, if i downlaaod things from here. Sometimes, i get a Federal Bureau of Infrmation kind of vibe from you guys. Another question. Why the fuck won't you upload mp4 here? Is that a problem? Thanks in advance.


>> No. 18997
File 153295332860.jpg - (163.99KB , 1266x908 , dlfreehowto.jpg )
How to upload to dl.free.fr.

If you don't get the link after the upload is done hit refresh and you'll get it.
>> No. 19830
File 153366228556.jpg - (185.14KB , 1800x1125 , phoenix.jpg )
Dead 144 & 155 had quite a bit of karma and has thus been reincarnated as https://144chan.pk & https://155chan.gr

UPDATE: trichan.de is our latest emergency board. Don't forget to also bookmark our forumside board & our other emergency board Lisach.

>> No. 23936
File 153856207941.jpg - (34.44KB , 339x460 , Dbree vs Your Host-horz.jpg )
I'm a non-profit Poster that simply enjoy's to share.
I have always been conscious for the downloaders.
My #1 policy is NO Passwords. Open it and enjoy it.

For file host's in the last 5 years Zippy & Mirrorcreator
have been fine for both Up & Down loading. Complaint free.

Recently even with only less than 1 percent of my friends
complaining of D/L issue's I responded with a challenge.
My challenge was simple and their opportunity. Guess what?
Three months passed and no response?

They seemed to expect me to change just for them.
And I would have if the challenge was fulfilled.

Here is my present situation, I'm separated by a stones throw
distance from my WiFi source. And I frequently lose my connection
because of weather, large vehicles etc.. Most people I don't
think could handle it? I have accepted my situation and live
with it.

So after a lengthy Hot Babe D/L you can't open the file because
of a misprinted or even forgotten password being posted.
You may suffer some frustration. I also get a little frustrated
when a lengthy Cute Girl in a Bikini upload is lost at 95% because
of the trash truck passing by. Well I lived with that for a while
until I discovered "DBREE".

With DBREE "The Tournament of Roses Parade" can pass by and after
each stupid Float goes by, DBREE resumes and continues to UPLOAD!
I can purposely or accidentally shut off my WiFi or put my computer
in sleep mode. And return to find your file is still uploading
or even done and ready for packaging.
That potentially means in seconds you could be viewing my package.
Some of the host's being suggested could take hours or in many
cases days to upload in my case. And in most cases I don't care
how long it takes because I already have the Cute Girls in Bikini's.
But five or more attempts to upload a single file is simply
not efficient.

>>23858 .... >>23880
After years of doing this I have read many comments concerning
File Host issue's and guess what? You'll never guess!
99.9 Percent of those comments all are about Downloading.
If you got this far in my Babbleathon congratulations you have
just heard the other side of the coin. Me the less than one percent
with UPLOADING ISSUES. Would it be safe to say you have not
considered or even put any thought to the other side?
Remember I think about you.

I cannot and will not go back to the Trash Truck Days or having
to wait for Santa Claus and his dam float to pass to upload & share
Cute Girls in Bikini's with you unless your host can top DBREE.

The Challenge is still on if anyone is still having D/L issue's
with my file host and willing to invest a little time?

DBREE Challenge Update Requirements:
Upload speed not a concern.
One Click Upload with automatic resume as I described required.

>>21006 ... DBREE vs. Your Host Challenge


A final comment concerning anyone having problems with DBREE?
Putting aside my internet connection, I'm embarrassed to even
reveal what kind of computer I'm using or the outdated operating
system that doesn't accept basic updates or compatible browser's etc.

I am literally a decade behind most of you. And a Computer Dumbass!


Thank you AD BLOCKER PLUS...

>>22336 ... I don't even know what TOR is or does?
>>22074 ... ????
>>21950 ... A helping tip here from Serge...Thanks
>>20460 ... Obviously frustrated
>>23558 ... This guy says Dbree needs js. I don't even know what js is?

justdoit out (Bikini Specialist/Computer Dumbass)

>> No. 27020
File 15420956841.png - (19.13KB , 543x720 , anarchy-flag-resist.png )
144chan and 155chan are being censored by a number of oppressive regimes worldwide. There are various technical methods used for blocking websites, the simplest and perhaps most prevalent is DNS filtering.

If your ISP uses DNS filtering to block us then you're in luck as it's very easy to circumvent. All you need to do is use another ISP's DNS servers to resolve your websites. This will not only allow you to access 144chan/155chan, but also any other websites blocked by your ISP.

This OpenDNS guide shows you how to change your DNS provider on any device whether it's PC, phone, or server https://www.opendns.com/setupguide/

So just follow the steps, and remember you can input any other DNS IP if you don't want to use OpenDNS ( and for example
Google's DNS is &
Yandex DNS &
Advantage DNS &
ScrubIT &
Or any other you prefer.

Don't let your government decide what's appropriate and inappropriate for you. Take power back into your own hands!

Report post

For link-exchange, advertising, DMCA, or reporting images in breach of 18 U.S. Code § 2256 contact us on triforce#dismail,de (fix the two wrong symbols)

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